Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Statement Collars

Plane Jane collars are out and studded, embellished, contrasted and layered alternatives are making bold statements for Spring 2012. It is time to let the collar shine-literally! I am in love with some of the works of art currently roaming the high street......

Romwe, £16.21
Missguided, £25.99

Urban Outfitters, £40

Olive Clothing, £39.00

Topshop, £32.00


  1. I'm so in love with collars and really have to get some!
    I've just read your post on lookbook and decided to check out your blog. I think you've made a good start and I like your blog. It would be lovely if you added a gadget for google friend connect to follow your blog directly on this site. And are you on bloglovin' already?

    Mary Jane

  2. Yes same, they're everywhere! Thank you for your input, really appreciate the advice. I have just claimed my bloglovin' account which looks very bare atm and will def look into getting the google connect. Not sure exactly what it is and how it works atm.....xx

    1. When you go on blogger you can add it under the widgets. And use the "Reply" link under a comment to answer to a comment, otherwise the other party won't get notified! ;-)