Saturday, 19 January 2013

Leather Sleeves & Bowler Hats

As the snow hit London I realised (a little late) that it was time to dig out my winter hats, gloves and general warm attire. Being a fan of vintage clothing, my wardrobe is littered with purchases I have picked up from various charity shops over the years, including this patterned jumper.

I love the bowler hat trend which is ideal for the colder weather. Injecting a bit of 'city cool' into your wardrobe can never be a bad thing and whether you wear yours to look edgy or smart, it works. I always get excited when fashions from the 1950s and 60s regain popularity and the bowler hat has undoubtedly secured its 'on-trend' status for the moment.  What I am wearing here is actually an old wooly hat that I have had for years-rolled up around the rim to look bowler-esque!

Leather sleeves are still huge. When it comes to fashion I think attention to detail is key and I love the texture contrast of this coat- wool teamed with leather. Black is timeless and below the knee coats instantly smarten up an everyday outfit.

Coat: ebay SIMILAR HERE, Bag, Hat and Jumper: vintage, Jeans: Topshop SIMILAR HERE, Boots: Missguided, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Love the outfit especially the jumper!


  2. WOW! the pattern on the jumper is gorgeous! and i am so jealous of your watch xx

  3. Love the watch, you have a lovely blog!

    Now following:) x