Monday, 11 June 2012

Finally....the perfect Pyjama Shirt!

It just so happens that my workplace is round the corner from a shopping centre and woefully, I have to pass a H and M, Topshop and Next to get to the train station. As you can imagine this can be lethal when trying to save money but on the plus side I have the chance to regularly update my wardrobe! Here is one of my favourite summer purchases so far....

Pyjama style shirt; H and M £29.99
I LOVE the pyjama fashion that is in for this season. The silky shirts and shorts that are around are not only elegant but loose fitting and so comfortable! When the Marni for H and M collection came out in March of this year, there was a beautiful pyjama style shirt and shorts set that I was itching to get my hands on but sadly I was left disappointed after the range sold out in a matter of hours. If you don't know what I am talking about see for yourself: Marni pyjama set.

Strolling into H and M on Friday, hidden away on a crowded rail I came across this copy-cat light pink shirt with gold trimming. I fell in love with it and after promising myself I wouldn't buy anymore summer was mine! I had been looking around for a shirt like this for a while and although I resisted the matching shorts the shirt is part of a set.

I don't think the above picture does it justice so here is how I wore it over the weekend.....

Shorts: Topshop, £30
                      Shoes: New Look, £30
                      Necklace: H and M, £8

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  1. Love the lime green trim on the jacket!